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NAME: Aiden L.
CANON: The Originals
AGE: 25...ish

PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Not overly touchy with strangers, but he doesn't mind getting a little touchy with friends.
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Werewolves in the TO/TVD universe are kind of known for having overblown tempers. Aiden is actually on the more chill side of this spectrum, but attempting physical violence on him will definitely get you physical violence back.
RELATIONSHIPS: Romantically kind of head over heels for Josh, SORRY OTHER GUYS it's not happening. Frandshipwise, he's pretty friendly and easy to get along with! Also the thing with being a werewolf and therefore being inclined towards sociability.
PSYCHIC INFORMATION: He doesn't have any sort of mental blocks! He's pretty normal in there, except for the part where uh...dying is going to have him a tiny bit screwed up for a little while. It's still not a HUGE thing though.
MAGICAL INFORMATION: Evolved Werewolf! Which means that he has control over when he changes. And how much of his body he changes. It also means being very strong and very fast.

BACKTAGGING: It will happen. I am okay if it happens. Backtag lyfe forever.
FOURTHWALLING: I'd prefer to avoid it!
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Really hard to offend!
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Player Info
Name: Ilana
Age: 28
Contact: [ profile] ltmutiny
Characters Already in Teleios: N/A
Reserve: Reserve!

Character Basics:
Character Name: Aiden
Journal: [personal profile] teamjosh
Age: ~25
Fandom: The Originals
Canon Point: Ep 2.19
Class A: 6
Class B: 26
Class C: 302
GRAND TOTAL: 44 years, 2 months

Canon Character Section:
History: It’s a wiki link!

The most important thing to know about Aiden is that he's intensely loyal. A lot of this has to do with being a werewolf, but it's also just who he is. Assuming the role of protector, whether it's over his pack, or his boyfriend, is something that Aiden falls into easily. That being said, he's not blindly loyal, and he's also not above faking loyalty in order to serve his most important goal, which is protecting the people that he cares about. His loyalty is also not completely infallible, as we see by the way that Klaus is able to manipulate him into being a double agent for a while, specifically working against Jackson and Hayley. Still, disloyalty is not something that comes easily to him, and in the instance with Klaus, it only takes him a few days to confess what he's done and to try and make things right.

Overall, Aiden has a pretty serious demeanor, though he's also capable of humor and of letting loose (mostly around his boyfriend Josh, honestly). He's also relatively quiet, though not unsociable at all. The role of wolf Beta suits him well (even though he clearly seeks the recognition of the Alpha role, even as he questions his suitability for it), in that he can step up and take charge when he needs to, but mostly assumes a support role. And although he's serious, he can also be very warm and very caring.

He does have a few shortcomings, or weaknesses to be exploited. While he clearly cares about Josh (who happens to be a vampire, and a new one) he can also be a little bit dismissive when conflicts arise between their two different natures. He brushes Josh off a few times, telling him he can’t understand pack loyalty and that since he wasn’t around when vampires were hunting down werewolves, he doesn’t really understand how tough it would be for his pack to see the two of them together. Although he might not mean to, he definitely mentally puts his loyalty to the pack above pretty much anything else, even his own boyfriend. He also seems to struggle with the desire to be a leader (an alpha) over the desire to serve his pack as Beta. This probably won’t be a problem in Teleios, since that was what Klaus used to manipulate him into betraying Jackson in the first place, but he does still have a strong urge to actually be a leader. It’s not exactly a failing on its own, but clearly someone could get him to do the wrong thing, by flattering or playing to that urge.

Also, he's a little bit of a nerd. I mean, you can't have your screen name for a dating site be 'mordorinthefirst' without kind of being one.

Considering that Aiden is somewhat of a background character, we don’t really see him making too many strong relationships. The two exceptions here are Jackson and Josh. Jackson is, as his Alpha, really important to Aiden. Yeah, okay, he does betray him, but he literally can’t go more than a few days living with that lie. He comes clean to Jackson even knowing that it could possibly lead to Jackson trying to kill him. (Or at least that’s what Josh suggests might happen. It could be hyperbole, but since werewolves are known for not being very good at controlling their rage….) When Jackson doesn’t kill him, and instead forgives him for his betrayal - hugs him, even! - it is evident how relieved Aiden is that he hasn’t screwed things up. And it’s not just that he’s Aiden’s Alpha, it’s that they’ve known each other since they were kids, and they’re best friends. It’s also very important that Jackson is entirely supportive of the fact that Aiden is gay. Basically, they have each other’s backs. Most of the time.

And then there’s Josh. Josh, who is a vampire, who he meets when the vampires and werewolves are still pretty much at war. Josh is really good for Aiden, given how friendly he is, and how laid back. Their relationship starts out as a tentative thing, considering their relative positions on the opposite sides of a conflict, but they soon grow very fond of one another. It helps that they meet at a time when Aiden (who the time is actually acting as the leader of an offshoot group of werewolves from his pack) is feeling unstable due to his position, and Josh is a new vampire who is also struggling with his own nature, and his place as a vampire. They compliment each other well, and as previously mentioned, Josh really brings out the lighter side of Aiden’s personality. In the end, Josh becomes so important to Aiden that he is actually willing to leave behind his pack for a while, to get out of New Orleans so they can have an actual shot at life together instead of dying in the conflict.

….And then he dies. Which is, yeah, something he’s going to have to deal with in Teleios. It means that being stuck there won’t be that much of a problem for him (even though the fact that his debt is at least partially made up of betraying Jackson and his pack might upset him, especially because it’s a little too on the nose and he still feels bad about it) because he doesn’t exactly have any life to get back to.

Powers/Abilities: Aiden is an “evolved werewolf”, thanks to Jackson and Hayley getting married and Hayley being a wolf-vampire hybrid. It basically gives him the benefits of being a hybrid without actually having to been turned into one. These are his abilities, according to the wiki.

Appearance:  (The guy on the right!)

Actionspam Sample: Thread!

Prose Sample:
The door to the bar is right there.

Aiden stares at it as he fidgets with his phone, turning it around and around in his hands. After a few seconds, he looks down at it. Actually, what he’s looking down at is the conversation open on the screen. It’s got the information about the place he’s supposed to meet this guy he’s been chatting with. He’d been pretty excited, actually. Things had been going so great with them. And then...

This is...stupid. There is no chance in hell this is going to work out. Sure, the guy is cute. And funny. He gets Aiden, or seems to. And while that’s not exactly unheard of - he’s dated guys before, he’s hooked up with guys before - it’s not a common occurrence either. He’s kind of different from a lot of his pack, from the guys he grew up around. Not a lot, but a little. So, this guy, Josh, the fact that they get along so easily, it’s not something he wants to throw away.

Except, there’s a catch. This guy, Josh. He’s a vampire. It’s some weird, ridiculous turn of fate. Or, not fate. Bad luck. A vampire and a werewolf, that is definitely not going to work, not in the world they live in.

...But if Aiden’s a little different from his people….Josh kind of seems different from his too. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to work, but there’s a part of Aiden that really, really hopes it could.

Which is why he finally slips his phone into his pocket, and pulls open the door.


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